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I'm Brittany, and I have been a Hair Stylist since 2011 in this area, which also 

happens to be where I grew up! I love living near the beach. Whenever I need a burst of energy I head down to the shore to unwind and breathe in the fresh air. I also like to help my guests unwind when they're in my chair. I feel it is very important to practice self care for many reasons. We all deserve to relax and renew our minds and bodies, and that includes our hair! 

I'm all about keeping hair nourished and healthy! I love giving my guests a color, cut, and style that both reflects their 

wants and needs, but that also compliments their features, so that they can feel like the best version of themselves each day. I love my job because It is very fulfilling to help uplift people and boost their confidence! I look forward to meeting new guests here and continuing to perfect my skills in a space that represents me to the fullest!

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