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Alexandra Miller is a nurse practitioner with 14 years’ experience in nursing. She has been a nurse practitioner for over 9 years with experience working in plastic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetics, as well as family care, functional medicine, and endocrinology. Working in plastic surgery and aesthetics, Alex developed an interest in conservative treatments that transform the aging process and other skin conditions without the need for invasive procedures. She utilizes the latest and most advanced injection techniques in conjunction with industry leading products, such as the gold-standard wrinkle relaxant Botox, and dermal fillers by Juvederm and Belotero. She is also a skilled provider of treatments that not only help in the appearance of aging and fine lines, but also with other skin concerns, including acne, scarring, and texture irregularity.  What she will offer her clients is an individual approach, working with their goals and her expertise to deliver results of smooth, youthful skin that are powerful, but most importantly natural. Alex believes in care of the whole person, and offers treatment to help clients achieve goals for their health. She wants her clients to have access to services that not only help them look their best, but also feel their best. She offers a medical weight loss program as well as vitamin injections to restore energy and improve mental clarity. 

Alex is excited to find her niche within healthcare that allows her to live her lifelong dream of helping people and offers her the privilege of working one-on-one with clients to deliver the highest quality care possible. 

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