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Meet Krystina Johner!

Hi there, I'm Krystina!


If there is truth to someone finding their calling, I am most certain I have found mine in hair. I have found a strong connection in the industry of cosmetology from the aspects of building guest relationships to educating other stylists to the ever changing evolution of my craft!


Growing up, it was obvious I would choose a career in the arts. I'd like to think I chose a field in which my canvas is round! From the time I attended Paul Mitchell the School in North Haven, CT, I knew I would get to explore all the avenues in this industry. Fast forward a few years where I would meet my now husband on a cruise ship and relocate to Morehead City where I now can add the hat of salon suite owner among others that I wear!


In an industry so exciting and ever changing, I also found a strong passion in education. I truly believe that "Success unshared is failure" and have used this motto both in the salon working on you, my guests and as an educator for an independent education company, Salt Society. Teaching for me is just as rewarding as achieving that gorgeous Pinterest picture you have had pinned for a rainy day! I'm addicted to education and am always looking for good business books or hair shows/classes to attend! Have some good reads you'd like to share? I wanna hear all about them! 


When I'm not behind the chair creating beautiful hair or on the road educating, you can find me tucked in a yoga class or reading a book at the end of my dock. My big straw hat is never far behind to protect my blonde locks during summer months on the beach!

I specialize in blonding and "lived in" hair coloring techniques that give you the most longevity out of your color. I think it is fair to say that I am strongly influenced by our coastal living here on the coast of NC and love the look of beachy, sunkissed hair. 


Don't you wish you could take a hairstylist home with you to do your hair every morning? We get that a lot BUT I love to give you all the tools you need to successfully recreate those styles at home. My primary focus is to build your confidence in your abilities to achieve beautiful hair for yourself! My goal is always to educate you on the best products for your hair type, what your hair is capable of in the realm of color, and the know how to have gorgeously styled hair.

So if you're a summer lover like me and want your hair to look beachy no matter the time of year, I would love to meet you!

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