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MEET Amber Anselmi!

Hey there, I'm Amber!


Through hair, I serve people who need help with finding that perfect style that they don’t have to work hard to achieve.


Being one of 4 hairstylists in my family, I grew up always looking up to them, especially my aunt. She was always like that shiny new toy that you wanted as a kid. Always my inspiration, and now I just hope every day I am making her proud. Growing up I always guessed what I wanted to be, doing hair was the only thing I kept coming back to! I started my career as soon as I could by enrolling in cosmetology school when I was still in high school!


When you sit in my chair, to me you are more than just a color or cut. You are someone that I can help flourish in a rough part of their life, or someone that I can make feel beautiful on a bad day. Or better yet, cheer on when they’re doing big things in their life. I am the stylist that is also your biggest cheerleader! I believe that it takes but one person to make a difference, and it starts with you. I love being able to be a positive influence and safe space in your life.


Hair nerd alert! Learning is everything to me. My brain never stops working, and never stops thinking about how I can better the integrity of your hair and also give you the best hair possible. I believe the sky is the limit and to just keep pushing for what’s best. It is my specialty to help you figure out how to achieve your favorite look. I love teaching my guests how I created their look so that you too can recreate it at home! Looking for someone who will help you switch up your look? I am your girl!


Why do I love what I do? The smile. That smile on my clients face when they have that perfect haircut that they were looking for or that color that someone else wasn’t able to achieve. The look of pure happiness and contentment on my clients face is what keeps me going.


When I'm not slinging hair, painting on color, or giving a heavenly shampoo, you can find me at the beach or the forest with my two dogs, Harper and Amelia, and my husband Eric. Just spending time with them is so rewarding, they love you unconditionally. I might be a little biased, but I do have the best pups. Even if they can be a handful sometimes. Calling all workout will also find me in the gym. Usually 5 days a week first thing in the morning! The gym is my happy place and sanctum. I go there to destress and leave all my previous day worries at the door. In a what can be physically demanding job, I want to be able to take care of my body and fuel my body in the best way! (There is always an exception when it comes to s'mores and Mac and Cheese though!)

So, if you are yearning for a change, whether it be through color or cut, wish you could be bold and brave with your hair, or would just like to find that perfect style you don't have to work hard to achieve, I'd like to meet you!

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