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Practice Makes Perfect

Here is some quick pick me up to keep you sharp on your scissor game!


Everyone has heard the term "Practice Makes Perfect" and there is a good reason for it!  Staying up-to-date on all of the latest trends in fashion, hair styles and hair accessories makes a big impact on your business as a professional hair stylist.  It is all about the guest experience!  And this doesn't just go for hair stylist.  Message Therapist and other spa related services are always in high demand and staying trendy and constantly improving your presentation in your studio makes all the difference, the public is demanding better customer service from industries every year and the Salon/Spa sector isn't excluded from this group!  Guests want to feel special and catered to during trips to your suite.  Maintaining a clean atmosphere with a relaxing environment that fits you and your guests styles are a must to stay a head of the game and have clients knocking at your door!  Here are a few hints on how to tackle some of these things

1. Maintain a routine when it comes to cleaning, product presentation, specials, and welcoming guests when they arrive for their appointment.

2. Take Notes!  When your guests are talking about their personal likes and dislikes write it down! Don't make it obvious of course! The ability to begin conversations with your guests once they arrive will come much easier you'll make their experience that much better and make the relationship that much stronger

3. Personalize their experience!  Write their name on the mirror, Greet your guests that love coffee with a cup with their name on it.  When they purchase retail make sure you send them home in a well presented bag with your salons logo/name and throw a business card in the bag with a quick hand written note thanking them for their loyalty and just being them!  Building a personalized relationship with clients is extremely important!


SO in summary make sure to stay up-to-date!  READ! Study! attend Hair Shows and Local Classes that are available!  We provide Free education to Suite Owners and encourage you to use the network of stylist to your advantage!  Become an educator with the many products companies available today and I can assure you that you will be rewarded with new oppurtunities and experiences you never thought imaginable!  So get out there and LEARN!


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