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Saving All That Hair For Retirement!

Retirement as a Hair Dresser?  I know it can sound far fetched and almost unrealistic but with the right mind set and determination it is possible!  In this weeks blog we are going to cover a couple of quick methods to saving for retirement and hopefully guide you to becoming more serious about putting some extra money away for the years ahead.

First off, you have to start!  This is obvious I know, but the difference of just a few years can make a huge difference over the long term.  

Second, write it down!  You have to have a plan. You have to set goals.  A plan is only an idea until it is written down!  At The Hair Factory Salon Suites, our Suite owners are encouraged to attend our financial review sessions that we provide.  We provide you with your very own financial adviser to answer your questions and put a plan in place that fits your individual financial goals.  Preparing for retirement may seem daunting, but with a simple plan your goals can be reached!

Third, be realistic!  Remember when setting a goal and developing a plan you have to be realistic.  You want to avoid setting the bar to low or to high.  Challenge your self to increase the amount you are saving each year by increasing your sales or restructuring your finances to allow for more positive cash flow through out the year.  So get up and start saving!  Reach out to a financial adviser today and get serious about retirement.


The Hair Factory Salon Suites provides professional hair stylist with turn key intimate suites and allows prospering stylist to increase earning potential and make there own path to success.  We provide yearly connections with local financial advisers and encourage suite owners to contribute to themselves for the years ahead.  Visit our website at to find out more information about how to become a suite owner and get serious about your success as a hair stylist.

-The Hair Factory Salon Suites

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