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Gaining More Clients...

Struggling to gain new clients and maintain a long and successful relationship with those clients?  Here are three tips to have you booked up in no time flat.


Number One:  Practice What you Preach

As a Beauty professional you need to always look and act that way.  Showing up with your hair half done or still wet in a pony tail is a sure fire way to have your clients running for the hills.  Maintain a healthy lifestyle and always show off your talents on your biggest billboard, YOURSELF!  Keep your clothing style consistent with your style and always show up looking your best, your guests are a direct reflection of you and most stylist attract like minded clientele.  So get up ten minutes early and show up ready to walk the red carpet!


Number Two: Reward your Guests

That's right, spread the love.  The more you give the more you get!  We are firm believers in giving back to our guests in any way we can, whether is it providing made to order Starbucks coffee from the new Keurig in your Suite or an extra minute on that scalp message.  The little things that you can give back to your clients go along way in their devotion to you as a stylist.  Offer referral gift cards to your existing clientele in hopes that they will send a friend your way, but don't forget to empress even your most long term clientele to keep them from drifting away.  So get out there and make a list of 10 things that you can do to make your guests experience that much better!


Number Three: Give them your Best!

And most importantly do your best!  I know that this sounds like a given, but even late in the day after you have been on your feet all day, your shoulders and hands are aching and you almost can't stand it any longer, remember your guest is expecting an experience! Not just a quick haircut!  Most guests divulge in deep conversation about life experiences, problems and successes with their hair stylist so its important that you treat every guest as if they are the first of the day, don't slack on the head message or the hot towel.  Take the time to ensure that they are completely satisfied with their experience and it will save you headaches in the long run we guarantee it!  Stay sharp on all of your skills, stay up-to-date on the latest trends and style of the beauty world, don't be scared to try and talk your clients out of something that you don't think will look good on them! You are the professional!  Most guests lean on you for support on big decisions.  So speak up and give them your best!


At The Hair Factory Salon Suites we strive to make your experience as a stylist the best that it can be, Your Success truly is our Success.  We hope that you have gotten a few ideas on how to turn your book from good to great and keep those awesome clients coming back for years to come.  Now get out there and make someone BEAUTIFUL! 



-The Hair Factory Salon Suites

"Creating a Different Salon Experience"


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